Dressing appropriately for school and wearing the uniform correctly on uniform days is a statement that we are in a professional academic setting. It is a demonstration that we take our roles in our school seriously while helping show respect for those we encounter in our day, both inside and outside the school.  Our uniform is a part of our identity and a form of pride in our school.

Students are expected to wear clothing appropriate for the school and learning environment. For the first day of the week, Mass days, para-liturgies, and announced important school functions, all Immaculata students are in uniform.


Students will attend school in neat and clean clothes that are in good repair (no frays or rips), and in keeping with a professional appearance (hems of skirts and shorts to the student’s fingertips, no tank tops, spaghetti straps or revealing clothing) and good taste (no clothing with unacceptable images or messages).  Hats are not to be worn in the school.

For PE class, there is a prescribed gym strip available from the PE department.

For the safety and comfort of those with sensitivities or allergies to fragrances, please avoid perfume, cologne, and body spray. An effective deodorant, however, is a must!


On uniform days, all expectations outlined above regarding professional and good taste remain.

Lands’ End is the official supplier of the Immaculata school uniform: a selection of white or black polo shirts, and black or khaki bottoms.


We recommend that you order your uniforms for the new school year in June so that you have them in time for September. Order uniforms online at www.landsend.com.  From the home page, navigate to the “School” tab and then “Find Your School”. Immaculata’s school number is 900190232.

Uniform Ordering (pdf)


  • Previous iterations of the school uniform are no longer permitted.
  • Leggings and yoga pants are not part of the school uniform.
  • Hosiery should be neutral and shoes should be reasonable.
  • Grad, team, and club hoodies/jackets will no longer be permitted to be worn on uniform days, Mass, or paraliturgies. Lands’ End has gray uniform sweaters that may be worn for warmth during these times or consider ordering your child a long sleeve polo.

Presentable dress and uniform conformity are at the discretion of the administration.


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Q: Do you carry stock of the Lands’ End uniform?

A: No.  We do not want to carry the cost of an inventory, however, we have a number of pieces in the office available for sizing.

Q: Does it take long for orders to arrive from Land’s End?

A: Orders ship from the US and can take a couple of weeks to arrive.  Please plan accordingly and do not leave ordering for the last minute.

Q: What if the clothes are the wrong size or style?

A: Lands’ End has a very reasonable return policy.  Please familiarize yourself with their policy available on their website.  Also, they have a customer service department to help you.

Q: How is compliance with the dress code and the uniform monitored?

A: Students who choose not to comply with the dress code or the uniform guidelines may be removed from regular classes and may spend the day in the Mustangs Learning Commons.