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This will be your one stop to find out all the information to get you through to Graduation!  Check back weekly for all new and updated information.

Hey Grads and parents here is the updated Grad Book with all the information you will need to answer any question about graduating from a BC school.

2020/21 Handbook of Procedures and Companion B.C. Graduation Program Policy Guide are now available on the ministry website at:


Provincial Graduation Assessment and Provincial Exam practice exams for classroom use can be found at:,

Students you will need your 9-digit PEN number to access these sample exams.This is included on your report cart in the top corner.


Post-Secondary Institution Selections for 2021 Graduates

The Ministry of Education distributes transcript information to post-secondary institutions (PSIs) following the selection of a PSI by a student in the Student Transcripts Service (STS-site). Read the following for details about deadlines, information for students and schools.

Information for Student Transcript Service

Post-Secondary Institution (PSI) Selections for 2021 Graduates

To all graduating students be sure to make your PSI selections in the StudentTranscripts Service (STS). Students wishing to send May interim marks to one of six B.C. PSIs, University of Alberta or University of Calgary must place orders by April 23rd.  Also, 22 B.C. PSIs and the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) can now receive interim marks and transcript updates electronically throughout the year (when authorized by the student).


See STS Help resources or send additional questions to ac.cb.vog@stpircsnarttneduts



Deadlines for distributed learning courses

(BCOnline School in Kelowna as well as other DL schools from around the province adhere to this information)

If you are or will be taking distributed learning courses (DL) (online courses, distance learning, or courses at another school) to meet requirements, you’ll need to know these deadlines:

  • To use grades in your academic assessment, complete courses by February 1.
  • Your school must submit your grades in time for UBC to evaluate your application.
  • To use grades to meet degree-specific requirements, complete courses by June 30.

If you have already graduated from high school and you have not taken additional academic courses, submit your final, official transcript by March 15.

If you have already graduated from high school and you are upgrading courses, complete all courses and submit your final, official transcript by May 15.




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More Info Here


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A Good site for Scholarship and Bursary Information 

At ScholarTree, we are always looking for diverse scholarships that apply to as many different types of students as possible. We have found that the more unique scholarships criteria are, the more likely a student is to apply and, more importantly, win that particular scholarship. 

Any students that are interested in hearing about new scholarships ScholarTree adds or blogs about can be found by following us on any of our social media:

Have a great day,

                                   CHECK OUT MORE INFO HERE

w:  e: ac.eertralohcs@norag.tirb


A Message from WIZE:

I’m emailing you from Wize, a BC learning platform hoping to help our local high school students through COVID-19. 

We just released free academic resources and a $1000 cash scholarship for Grade 12 High School students in Canada to help support the financial burdens of transitioning to postsecondary life:

We have designed our scholarship to be as simple as possible to complete: 

  • No essay(s) required
  • 3 minute application process
  • No financial info collected / purchases necessary

Wishing you all the best

Peter Carwana | Student Success

P    613-876-5393


Hello Career Centres 

Green Bricks is very pleased to offer to grade 10-12 students FREE participation in the Green Collar Futures Career Conference on Saturday February 20, 2021 held virtually this year.

Space is VERY LIMITED so students can register at  Students MUST be registered by February 16, 2021 (or earlier as spaces will fill up) to attend this event. 

Are you a student in grades 10-12?
Explore your options at this FREE green collar career conference for secondary students on Saturday February 20, 2021 from 9:00 - 2:30 held virtually this year.

Click for more info

& Events


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Greetings from our team at the the University of Saskatchewan (USask)!

We'd like to share the exciting news that our online U-Start pre-orientation sessions are open for registration for all new admitted undergraduate students in summer/fall 2021. At U-Start, students will connect with their colleges, learn how to register for classes and how to access resources for a smooth transition to university.

In this issue:

  • USask president's update on fall planning;
  • Application deadline extensions for programs in Edwards School of Business (May 15), Engineering (June 1) and Agriculture and Bioresources (July 1) for Canadian citizens and permanent residents;
  • Summer, fall and winter registration, including an exciting class in Edwards School of Business and the Arts and Science Transition program;
  • The Student Employment and Career Services has now become Career Services, with the same goal of supporting students in career and skill development.

Last but not least, keep checking out our events page for a list of activites for students to connect with our team and learn more about USask programs and application processes.

As always, please let us know what you need in your role to support prospective students as they consider their futures and post-secondary education opportunities at USask. From all of us here at USask, thank you for all you do.


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May is an exciting time for your students as many of them will be making their final university decisions for the fall. Here are some important resources to help you navigate the home stretch.

Deadline to accept offers of admission

Students can find the date by which to accept their offer in the Student Service Centre. Generally the deadline to accept an offer of admission from UBC Okanagan is June 1, and some students admitted to the Vancouver campus have been given extensions to the May 1 deadline. Students can accept their offer and pay their acceptance deposit in the Student Service Centre.

Next steps for admitted students

Students who have received an offer of admission from UBC might be wondering what’s next. Our after you've been admitted page offers a step-by-step guide and video to help admitted students plan their  finances, secure housing, figure out course planning, and complete other crucial tasks between now and September.

 Orientation options for new students

Once your students have accepted their offer to UBC, they’re ready to start thinking about the orientation options available to them this summer. Together, these orientations are designed to help them meet their first friends, get familiar with their new campus, and feel confident in their academic readiness so they have more time to focus on what matters in September.

 International study permits

 International students attending high school in Canada (who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada) should obtain a post-secondary study permit to study at UBC. That will involve changing the conditions on their current permit. If your students will be arriving to UBC from a different country, more guidance can be found on the coming from abroad page.

 UBC’s national mailout goes digital

In keeping with UBC’s sustainability goals we are pivoting our print publications into a digital format.  Instead of shipping out packages to all the school across the country we will be sharing our recruiter contact sheet, Prospective Undergraduate Guide and other information about programs and awards in a digital format.  This new, centralized delivery will make it easier to share information with colleagues and students.

Virtual fall presentations

While we would have liked to connect in person this fall, to ensure everyone’s safety we will be hosting our school presentations and counsellor events online again this year.  We'll reach out to you in a few weeks to start scheduling school visits. In the meantime, if you have any questions,  concerns or would like to confirm a booking, send us an email at ac.cbu@ko.tnemtiurcer or ac.cbu@tnemtiurcer.suonegidni .

UBC Future Global Leaders

The UBC Future Global Leaders pre-university program offers high school students ages 15-18 an educational, social, and cultural experience from a first-rate Canadian university. Students take first-year-level online academic courses taught by top UBC professors, explore their interests, and gain a head start on achieving their university goals. Summer registration is now open.

 Program spotlight: Manufacturing Engineering

If your students enjoy solving problems and designing new things, they should take a look at Manufacturing Engineering. Manufacturing engineers are tasked with turning materials into new products in the most effective, efficient, and economical way they can. At UBC, your students will get the chance to study the entire manufacturing process, from designing concepts and building mechanical parts through to product delivery. Studying on UBC’s  Okanagan or Vancouver campus – or both – they’ll gain the technical skills that set them up for a broad range of jobs in the industry.

That's all for now! As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you or your students have any questions.

How UBC makes admissions decisions

Some of your students haven't received a decision yet because students who did not receive a first-round offer or who applied after December 1 are currently being evaluated for admission. Find out how UBC evaluates applications and  when students can expect their admissions decision

September 2021 and COVID-19

As the world begins to move toward life after the pandemic, your students are likely wondering what the upcoming semester will look like.

Based on the strong and effective safety plans put in place by the government, as well as BC’s vaccination schedule, UBC is preparing for students to begin their studies on campus in September. The health and wellbeing of our students is the top priority. As the situation continues to evolve, please keep checking this blog post to find out the latest.

Scholarship Updates

Events for Canadian Students

Events for International Students

Events for First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Students

Future UBC Students Conference