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All parents of any grade level of Immac students, if there is anything that is confusing about your son or daughters’ education please contact me and I will help out where I can. Should I not be able to answer a question I will endeavor to get you the information you need from other sources.

Thanks and, as always, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Brian Drosdovech, Counsellor
Immaculata Catholic Regional High School

250-215-4588 (cell)
250-762-2730 (school)

Looking Ahead
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COBSS Corner



Education & Post Secondary Resources


Parents and students are invited to our BEng Software Engineering information session!

TRU Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering events have transitioned to online for the 2020-2021 school year, but there are still lots of ways for your students to connect with us! We appreciate you sharing the upcoming parent information session with parents and students in your school. 

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Session Link:
Microsoft Teams meeting

Join on your computer or mobile app

Click here to join the meeting


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Are you having a difficult time deciding what to do with your life in regards to a career? Here is the same government web site I put in the newsletter awhile back. Have a look and possibly this may help in your decision making.
Career Trek has 137 videos on Careers (6-7 minutes per episode):


Postponement of Grade 12 Literacy Assessment and Updated Graduation Assessment Schedule

Implementation of the Grade 12 Literacy Assessment has been postponed until the 2021/22 school year. The updated assessment schedule for the Grade 10 Literacy and Grade 10 Numeracy assessments that includes a supplementary June 2021 session can be found on the Provincial Assessments website.

Please have a read of this important information from the BC Ministry of Education about the importance of doing well at school, and how working towards the highest grades your child can achieve can be a bonus in future earning years.

Do Grades Matter?

Read our most recent Number Cruncher Report to find out whether there is a correlation between a K-12 student’s overall grade point average and their long-term earnings. Put another way, do students who got higher grades in K-12 earn more money over the course of their professional career than those whose grades weren’t as high?

Students are often told of the importance of good grades and how applying themselves in school now will help them later in life. To investigate whether this is the case, the Ministry of Education has partnered with Statistics Canada to combine some of their respective datasets to investigate students’ post graduation outcomes. 


Here is another vital document for all grades 10 through 12 students and parents regarding graduation requirements. It is called:

“The Graduation Handbook of Procedures” It contains everything you need to make graduation easier. It is long and detailed, but has all the answers you will require to get your Provincial Dogwood.




Community Resources

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Our Parent in Residence program has expanded in the Okanagan and we have had Sheila Dyer join us as an Okanagan Parent in Residence. We are both able to now support families as they journey with their children & youth through challenges to their mental health. Parents can simply reach out to Sheila at ac.tramsylimaf@reyd.aliehs or myself. There is no cost for our support. 

I just saw this article on Castanet and thought it would be a good idea to include it in this edition of the Corner.

Here is the link to it just below. A very short read with contact information to the CMHA here in Kelowna. Please remember you are not alone. Should you need information, students or parents, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school via email, Zoom office hours, or if need be a visit in person following the COVID guidelines. Here is just a snippet of the article:

“The Canadian Mental Health Association of Kelowna says they’ve noticed residents have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, as illustrated by an increase in need for services.

Jessica Samuels, associate director of community engagement at Canadian Mental Health Association Kelowna says calls for service are up and those requests are more severe………” See the rest and a brief You Tube at the link below.

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Dear Community Partners, 

I wanted to share that Sheila Dyer and myself will be hosting our January 2021 'In the Know' parent evening for families on Monday January 18th 2021. This month we will be discussing 'Self Harm'. If you know of any families who may find this of benefit, please feel free to share the attached poster. Families can also register at this link January ITK.

We are also available to support families virtually at this time. If a family is in need of support or help navigating to resources they simply can reach out to us by email at ac.tramsylimaf@reyd.aliehs or ac.tramsylimaf@elbiar.irol. There is no cost for either the ITK evening or support through our Parent in Residence program. 

All the very best in 2021, 



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For More Information


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Link to other Community Supports and Resources


Independent schools – New Mental Health in Schools (MHiS) Strategy

Released: The Ministry of Education has announced the release of its new Mental Health in Schools Strategy, which outlines a vision and pathway for mental health promotion in the K-12 education system. The strategy represents the Ministry‘s commitment to implementing the priority actions identified in A Pathway to Hope for the improved wellness of children, youth and young adults. The strategy and other mental health resources can be reviewed on the erase Mental Health & Well-Being web page.

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