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Changes have been made to how BC high school students will be expected to submit their transcripts to Queen’s University.  This change will simplify the process on your end, be less stressful for students, and lead to faster admission decisions. Queen’s will now require BC curriculum applicants to arrange for their grades to be electronically submitted via the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC). This will ensure that grades will be sent electronically to Queen’s on an ongoing basis. 

The Process 

Your students must arrange for their grades to be electronically submitted by establishing a connection between the OUAC’s Post-Secondary Information (PSI) system and the BC Ministry of Education’s Student Transcript Services (STS) system.   

To establish this connection, there are two steps your students must take as soon as possible after they have applied

  1. Provide their Personal Education Number (PEN) as part of their OUAC application. 
  1. Authorize the BC Ministry of Education to release their academic information (transcript) to OUAC through the STS.  They should select Ontario Universities’' Application Centre (OUAC) when placing their order. Learn more.

We will be adding an item to each student’s “To-Do List” on their Queen’s student portal (SOLUS) outlining the steps they need to take, if they have not already done so.   

Important Notes 

  • As your students’ midterm/interim results and course enrolments are reported to the Ministry, please do not send transcripts to Queen’s by email, hardcopy mail or document upload. 
  • The transcript that students will see when they register with STS to send grades to OUAC will only show completed courses. The transcript that STS sends to OUAC will show interim grades as well as course enrolments that have been reported to the Ministry. 
  • Counsellors are to submit all course enrollments and course attempts, including repeated courses, to the Ministry.

When you submit updated grades to the Ministry, they will show up on STS and be transmitted to OUAC on an ongoing basis, provided the student has given their PEN on their OUAC application. 


Post-Secondary Institution Selections for 2022 Graduates

Information for Student Transcript Service


How to keep your offer of admission from UBC…

Offers of admission are conditional. You must complete your offer of admission requirements and send your final grades by the given deadline.

Through July and August, we review these to ensure you:

  • complete your high school diploma*;
  • complete the degree-specific course requirements; and
  • maintain the level of academic standing upon which your offer was made.

Changes to applicants’ level of academic standing are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

*BC High School students graduating in June 2022 are required to complete the Grade 12 Literacy Assessment to demonstrate high school graduation. UBC requires you to achieve “Proficient” on the Grade 12 Literacy Assessment to maintain your offer of admission. BC high school applicants who do not meet this level of proficiency will have their admission offers reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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Are you a student in grades 9-12?

Explore your options at this FREE green collar career conference for secondary students on Saturday February 11, 2023 from 9:00 - 2:30 held virtually this year.

The "green economy" is changing the face of the workplace in BC and around the world. This day is dedicated to students in secondary school to learn about exciting and endless career opportunities. Futures is much more than a career fair as it allows you to interact with career mentors from various sustainability related careers who have excelled in and are passionate about their green careers.

This interactive career workshop will be offered free of charge to 150 young people and will allow participants the opportunity to:

 • Meet and interact with amazing and successful people who will share their               sustainability career paths in breakout sessions where career mentors will share     their career journeys

 • Learn about emerging sustainability career opportunities in         B.C. and internationally

 • Listen to an inspirational keynote address from Marissa Bergeron, founder of           Eat the Dishes: Zero waste street food

• Find out what it takes to reach your goals

The workshop will conclude with a wrap-up session and a chance for the participants to win prizes, including a $500 scholarship. You must be registered to attend. Register early as space is very limited. 

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Keynote and Scholarship Sponsors: Hamber Foundation, Retread Solutions, Kane Consulting, Rocky Point Engineering, Lithium Americas Corp, BTY Group, Cassels Brock

Mentor Roundtable Sponsors: BC Building Science, GBL Architects, Iredale Architecture, John Holland, Chesterman Properties, GeopPacific and Green Bricks members 


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