Posted May. 22, 2019

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT - Zackery Plaxton, Grad Class of 2017

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT - Zackery Plaxton, Grad Class of 2017


Zackery Plaxton, Grad Class of 2017

Zackery is currently studying business at Okanagan College with a specialization in personal finance, and also working to complete the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. He has had a very successful start to his college career including regional, provincial, and national business competition wins.

What are your best memories of Immac?

I have a lot of great memories from Immac. I don't think I could sum it up into one experience but rather one word: community. The connection with my classmates and teachers was so different from other schools, and is one of the things that helps students thrive. Having such a supportive community, and being surrounded by people giving their best in academics, sports, or other aspects of high school pushes you forward and gives you the opportunity to see what you can accomplish!

How have your Immaculata years influenced your post-secondary experience?

The community mindset of being involved has carried over to me wanting more out of my post-secondary studies. I have been a part of few teams at OC, including the Winning Pitch Competition where we placed first regionally, and second provincially.

A team of four of us worked hard to create a plan for the province of British Columbia that would increase destination tourism and bring more awareness to travelling with accessibility requirements. We got to connect with some incredible people like Olympic athletes, business owners, and marketing VPs. We ended up coming in first place at the regional portion of the competition, and then in a few short months drastically improved our plan and ended placing a close second in the province at the Tourism Industry Conference in Vancouver.

 I am also a member of Enactus which is a student organization that creates social enterprises to help advance the community. At the national competition for Enactus, the team I was a part of came first in Canada. The victory is the whole team's though because every project run by Enactus is 100% a team effort!

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