Posted May. 22, 2019



Three Brand New Classes for Immac!

We know from our Stakeholder Feedback Survey and Open Planning Session that students and parents want more course selection at Immaculata. We’re pleased to announce that three new courses have been added to the Grade 10 & 11 list of options:

Yearbook with Mrs. Griffin - ADST 11

Students will complete the myriad of tasks to create a quality yearbook that reflects the pictorial history of the activities for the present school year. Yearbook is intended for those students with an interest in the design and publication of printed materials. Students will develop an appreciation for the vast and interdisciplinary nature of publishing, which includes: research, interviewing, surveys, copywriting, editing, typography, photography, photographic manipulation, design, layout, computer skills, advertising, and distribution.

Students will be involved with:

  • developing a theme,
  • designing a cover,
  • end sheets and title page that reflect the theme
  • creating master designs for each section
  • creating a workable ladder
  • setting up type specs and graphic elements for each section
  • determining story ideas
  • determining photo ideas
  • setting up story and photo assignments
  • organize sale and distribution of book
  • finalize completed computer pages
  • establish and meet publication deadlines
  • edit pages

Students will use computer programs such as Lightroom6 and the publishing company’s E-Design online program to complete the tasks. In addition, they will learn how to use a DSLR camera with a variety of lighting and lenses. The course will provide an introduction to leadership, including building communication skills and creative problem-solving skills are also emphasized within the course. Students will each take on the responsibility of creating numerous pages for the publication, and will have opportunities to work independently, in partnerships, in small teams, and as part of the class publishing group.

Digital Graphic Design with Mrs. Griffin – IT 10

This introductory course has been designed to help students learn the basic skills in digital graphic design and deals with controlling computer technology to produce an artistic image. Students will learn:

  • computer illustration techniques
  •  image manipulation
  •  digital camera use
  •  graphic design visual literacy
  •  the principles and elements of art in composition

Digital citizenship and art historical movements will also be studied as they relate to student projects. Students will be instructed in the use of the photo editing software, Lightroom6, as well as complete a variety of projects using Photoshop Elements, SketchUp, and the school’s 3D printer.


Horticulture with Mrs. Vos – Science 11

In this course, students will plan a small garden space with a specific goal in mind (sustainability, vegetable production, cut flowers, plant experimentation, etc.). Students will then bring their plans to fruition in an outdoor space on campus.  Students will be expected to prepare plants and a garden site and then maintain them for the semester. The first half of the course will include design, research, and planning for the garden space.

Potential field trips may include local nurseries, farms, and urban gardens. Guest speakers will also be sought out to mentor students along the way. The second half of the course will see students build, revise, and maintain their space.  In addition to the major project, students will also complete several smaller projects (eg. succulent gardens, propagating plants from food scraps, floral arrangements, herb garden, seed starting, composting, etc.).