Posted Aug. 24, 2019



Top 10 Tips for New Mustangs


  1. Start your day the right way! Give yourself enough time before the morning bell to hang out with your friends, check the daily class rotation and get your books together.  Aim to be in the school before 8:25. If you want to come earlier – you’re welcome! Better to be early than to be late. If you are late, make sure to stop by to see Mrs. Despins and sign in.


  1. Get to your classes on time. At the beginning of the day, get the supplies you need for your first two classes so that you don’t have to go back to your locker during the 4 minute break. That short break is for you to get to your next class and get settled. It’s not to make a trip to the washroom or your locker. Make a point of being in each class on time and save trips to your locker for your longer breaks.


  1. Get to know your all of your classmates.  You’re all Mustangs now and it doesn’t really matter which elementary school you attended. This is your chance to branch out and meet kids from all over the Kelowna area, with different backgrounds, interests, likes and dislikes.  Aim to meet everyone within the first week. If you get to choose where you sit in class, sit by someone who is a positive influence on you - someone who doesn’t distract you and works well with you. Be open to sitting by people you don’t know because they might be better work partners than the friends you’ve had for years.


  1. Get to know your teachers! They’re also Mustangs and they want to get to know you.  Don’t be shy! A lot of the joy in teaching comes from getting to know students on a personal level. With a small school family, our teachers enjoy getting to know every student.


  1. Find a team or club that interests you. Studies show that those involved in school teams and clubs do better, on average, and academically too!  Immaculata offers lots of sports team for boys and girls and also offers the academy program for those who would like more coaching. If sports aren’t your thing, consider joining a club like the Drama Club, Choir, Math Club or Yearbook Club. Ask your teachers what clubs are available and if it’s not being offered and it’s something that you’re passionate about, talk to a teacher about starting the club.


  1. Get started on your service hours early. Every student must complete 30 hours of volunteer work each school year. Service Hour awards are given to students who complete more than 50 hours. Find a program that appeals to you or that you feel is important and find out how you can help. Listen closely to the presentations at the Immaculata Service Fair on September 16th to hear about organizations in Kelowna who are looking for help. Don’t leave your service hours to the end of the term to complete.
  2. Follow the dress code. No rips or tears, only modest shirts that cover everything that should be covered, skirts and shorts to finger-tip length.  Remember to wear your uniform on the correct days – the first day of the week and for school Mass.


  1. Be respectful of all Mustangs – in your classrooms, hallways, office, library, fields etc etc.  Use appropriate language, respect school property, and abide by cell phone rules. Be respectful of all visitors to our school. Hold the door for them, smile at them, provide directions if necessary. Show our guests what being a Mustang is all about.


  1. Make sure to attend after school events like the Welcome Back BBQ and parent-teacher conferences with your parents. The BBQ is a great opportunity to link with other Mustangs and get to know the families who are part of our school community. The interviews allow you to have a chat with your teachers about your progress and what can be improved upon to achieve your personal best.


  1. Follow Immaculata on social media and keep an eye on the school calendar  on the website to be kept up to date and fully appreciate what it is to be a Mustang.

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