Posted Dec. 4, 2020

Project 18

Project 18


Youth serving Youth….18 missionaries…..18 homeless youth getting new homes

The Immaculata missionaries who were scheduled to go to Costa Rica in January (JJ21) have been busy with local projects. “JJ21” is blessed to be invited to join the  Benvoulin Youth Housing Initiative. The project is being coordinated by A Way Home Kelowna (the youth version of A Journey Home Kelowna), a coalition charged with the goal of preventing and ending youth homelessness in Kelowna. The developer is assigning one entire floor of this new building to this cause and building 18 micro suites for homeless youth. Each suite will have a bed, small kitchen and bathroom (like a dorm room) and there will be one common room on the floor….but all will be empty with nothing to make them “homes.” It will be our project to work on supplying these suites with some essentials. We are hoping to get the whole school involved as we gather new or gently used towels, bedding, cleaning supplies, kitchen apparel, non-perishable food items, home décor, etc.

Each class has been given the following suggestion for donations, but families are welcome to donate to any class collection.

Check the Homeroom List here