Posted Oct. 23, 2020

Practising for the Future

Practising for the Future

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Our school participated in a practice election for the up coming provincial election to be held October 24 (Saturday). We held our mock election on Tuesday and Wednesday and the results were fascinating, well at least to Mr. Drosdovech and Mr. Freire.

Immaculata lies in the Kelowna-Mission electoral district and so the students had 3 candidates to choose from:

  • Renee Merrifield (Liberal Party)                  alt text
  • Amanda Poon (Green Party)
  • Krystal Smith (NDP Party)

110 students out of our school population of 210 cast a ballot.

The results were:

66 Merrifield
26 Smith
18 Poon

It will be interesting later Saturday night to see how our students voted compared to the adults. Hopefully as adults we can meet or beat the 52% turn out rate of our students. The challenge is on everyone. Please remember voting is a right under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) and a responsibility.

Mr. Brian Drosdovech