Posted May. 7, 2020

Mr. D's Top Tips for Making it through COVID-19

Mr. D's Top Tips for Making it through COVID-19
Your Mental Health: Mr. D’s Top Tips for Making it through COVID-19
alt textThe past two (2) months have been an interesting time for everyone with the stay-at-home orders implemented by the B.C. government to control the spread of COVID-19. For some it has been like an extended holiday and yet for others it has been an anxiety filled time period.
I have tried to include a few ideas to help you out during this time that I have gleaned from other experts who have been writing on this subject.
Most of the suggestions that I have read about seem to be along lines of what we would consider common sense, and yet during these times of increased angst, they can sometimes be forgotten or just plainly overlooked.
General recommendations for everyone to keep in mind individually include:
  • The news can be intense. Stay informed but try to regulate how much news you're watching everyday. 
  • Follow your routine as much as possible. If you don't have a routine in place, create one. Virtual sessions for working out are available online.
  • Stay in touch with your loved ones using Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or a phone call. Friends can give you relief.
  • Turn off your television two hours before bed. 
  • Your bed is a sanctuary meant for relaxing and sleeping. Don't use your electronic devices in bed before going to sleep as this stimulates your brain.
  • Be sure to arrange some alone time. This is a healthy and crucial boundary.
  • Understand that your view of COVID-19 may be different than the way others may see or experience it. You might feel as though it is the end of the world while others may feel that next week things will return to normal. Remember to avoid convincing others that they are wrong.
  • Practice changing the roles surrounding chores and be playful with your family members.
  • Don't forget to say thank you. Kindness builds love and it is easy to forget to practice things like this during a crisis. 
  • Free psychological first aid is being offered to BC residents struggling with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. A collaboration between UBC Okanagan, the BC Psychological Association, and the province will give people access to mental health services in this difficult time. Residents seeking assistance can access the service by filling out an online form on the BCPA website or by calling 604-827-0847. They will then be contacted from one of 200 volunteer registered psychologists within 24 to 48 hours.

(B. Drosdovech May 2020)