Posted Nov. 28, 2019

IRHS missionaries were back at pie making!

IRHS missionaries were back at pie making!

They are becoming apple pie experts!

This time it was for the Mission to Costa Rica 2021.  This mission team might be distributing shoes to the poor in 2021, but in 2019 they are distributing pies to help pay for the mission trip!

Made 820 pies and raised over $6000 in one day towards their Jan 2021 trip. It was a 12 hour day by the time all the deliveries are made at the end of the day .... but worth it .... and missionaries need to get used to working long hard (and FUN) days! #rewarding

 Thanks to all these helping parents, younger siblings, grandmas, aunties, friends, and international students for giving up their entire Saturday during this busy time of year to model SERVICE ....we seriously have the best community!

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