Posted Jan. 31, 2020

Immaculata students are doing good in the world again!

Immaculata students are doing good in the world again!

Immaculata is doing good in the world again! Our team of Ashleigh Flynn, Lauren Watts, Nina Mroz and Joshua McKenzie are working in partnership with Provision of Hope to solve the problem of Hidden Hunger by building a Life Garden in a village in Liberia. What is Hidden Hunger and what is a Life Garden and why do all of this in the first place?

Hidden Hunger is a problem that greatly affects the developing world. Most people living in poverty may have food in their bellies but it is the wrong food. It is devoid of nutrients to sustain healthy living. It is hidden because many people in these parts of the world are dying at a young age from poor health while the developed world thinks everything is fine because people who are dying look healthy but are not.

A Life Garden does not only grow the right foods with all the nutrients required for a healthy, long life, but it is a starting point to provide education for schools so children can now eat healthy, create programs for those in the area so they can grow their own food, and even help locals start their own gardens to supplement their incomes and give them a better life economically as well.

Our Immaculata team is competing in Kelowna’s Sustainable Development Challenge. If they win, they will receive a $5000 prize that will fund their Life Garden and change innumerable lives. If you have a chance to drop by the events on the poster and cheer them on, please do. And keep your eyes and ears open for an opportunity to help our students make this project a reality.

Check out the this year's poster here!  Recognize anyone from last year?