Posted Nov. 2, 2019

GRANT RICHARD - A man who defies gravity!

GRANT RICHARD - A man who defies gravity!

Name: Grant Richard

Hometown: Prince George

Did you attend Immaculata as a student: No – a grad of O’Grady Catholic High School (formerly Prince George College)

Where did you attend university and what did you study?  Simon Fraser University English Major (the term “core subject overload” is on my transcript which means I took more English courses than anyone ever should) and my year of teacher certification. Received a Masters of Arts in Leadership and Administration from Gonzaga University.

Current role: Currently English and Social Studies 9, English 12, Drama 10/11/12 and Social Justice 12. In my time at Immaculata I have taught every grade of English except Grade 8, a few Religion classes, other Stagecraft classes, History 12, Creative Writing, and others I have forgotten.

I took over Immaculata’s drama club from Mr. Judd a few years ago and try to do two or three full scale drama productions every year – you really should come out and see them.

And I sponsor our Senior Boys Volleyball teamalt text

How long have you been at Immaculata?

I started teaching here in September of 2001. A long time ago.

Why do you choose to work at Immaculata?

Since my first day working here I have felt a part of a family. It is part small school getting to know students more personally than a large school, it is part wonderful relationships with fellow staff members, it is part feeling an ownership of the school, it is part knowing I have the freedom (and responsibility) of living and teaching my faith. All of these parts have made Immaculata the only place for me.

What about Immaculata are you most proud of?

The kids that we help turn into adults. I think we have to admit that we play just a small part in the great lives our students go on to live, but we can still know we have a role to play – and whether students know it or not, we are keeping tabs on all of our past students and still think of them as part of our school, even if they haven’t set foot in the building for 10+ years. So drop in and let us know what you are up to.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

If a teacher says they enjoy something more than the students they teach, they need to get out of the profession. The most frustrating part of the job is the most rewarding. I don’t have a reputation for being the funniest or most dynamic teacher, but I hope that every student I teach knows I care about them and where they are headed.

What goals do you have for our students?

I hope every student can live a life that makes them and the people around them happy. I have discovered that a life lived thinking of others is the easiest way to find that happiness.

What is the best lesson you’ve learned from a student?

Just a couple weeks ago a past student dropped in to say hello and told me about a moment in my class that had an impact on her. Anything you say or do has an impact in the lives of those around you.

Who are the most important people in your life?

My wife Nicole (an incredible photographer and a greater person - check out the fantastic work that she is doing to help build a youth addiction recovery bed in Kelowna - and kids Mitchy and Sascha.    

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