Posted Nov. 6, 2019

Grad Portraits

Grad Portraits

Information for the Grad photos coming up.

Friday morning, Nov. 22, and Nov 25th at 8:30 am until about 3 and then take down equipment. The appointments are approx. 24 minutes each and we will have 2 photographers on site.

All of our appointments are booked online. Grads should go to Once there, search for their Province and City (Kelowna) and Immaculata will come up with which they can select. Grads are already on the list provided so they would just find their name (legal name that is on file with the school) and book an appointment time. 

As well, just as a note for students, when if you decided to do a friends photos there is a maximum of 3 people, i.e. the grad and two friends.