Posted May. 6, 2019

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT - Mikayla Jones, Grad Class of 2014

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT - Mikayla Jones, Grad Class of 2014


Mikayla may have graduated from Immaculata five years ago – but she’s been drawn back to the Mustang Theatre Company. Mikayla has been working with the company and creating choreography for the upcoming production of Footloose: The Musical.

After studying at the prestigious Randolph College for the Performing Arts and working in Toronto, Mikayla knew that her heart and her home was in Kelowna. Having mixed emotions about leaving a performing career after her extensive training, she found a job at The Hatch
winery that allowed her to do theatre for the sheer love of it, here in Kelowna!

Mikayla was asked what her time at Immaculata meant to her and what her best memories were:

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"My time at Immaculata was filled with close friends, supportive teachers, and a surplus of extra-curricular activities.Although I have many fantastic memories from Immac, some of the most poignant and shaping came from the experiences had, and relationships shaped through Drama. High school drama is so important and not just for those pursuing an acting career. I believe it builds confidence, bridges the gap between students who wouldn't normally interact with each other, and overall gives insight on the human condition, and how to perceive others with empathy and understanding.

Working on Footloose is the perfect opportunity to both reconnect with an awesome school community and keep myself active in the arts. Working with such a stand-up group of students, and alongside Mr. Richard, who continually gives all of himself to the school and students has been both exciting and rewarding!

I couldn't think of a more perfect show for this group. They bring so much energy and passion to all they do, and they are a joy to watch! Footloose is filled with all your favourite 80's hits and power ballads, mixed in with humour and a healthy dose of teen angst.”


Footloose: The Musical runs May 22nd & May 23rd at 7pm. Tickets are available at ShowTix4U