Posted May. 29, 2019



Name: Angela Griffin

Hometown: Murrayville, BC (Langley)

Where Did You Go to School:

I graduated from Holy Cross Regional High School in Surrey. From there, I went to University of Victoria to get my Bachelor of Arts in History. While at U Vic, I took several art classes. Then, I attended what was known as University of the Okanagan (now UBCO) to get my Bachelor of Education. I continue to take art classes for professional development. My favourite type of art is water colour.

Current role at Immaculata:  Visual Arts 8-10, Studio Arts 12, Media Arts 12, Photography 8 & 9.

I’m really excited about adding two new courses next year including: Yearbook 11 and Digital Graphic Design 10.

How long have you been at Immaculata? This is my 8th year after teaching 9 years at St. Joseph Elementary (17 years in the Diocese).

Why do you choose to work at Immaculata? I love the challenge of the older grades, the atmosphere of a high school, and the people I work with.

What about Immaculata are you most proud of? Creating a solid Visual Arts program, introducing photography, graphic and media arts,  and yearbook as  courses, and that I can come to work everyday to a job I love.  I am also proud of all my art/photography students who put on a really awesome art show twice a year and get to show off their talents to the school community!

What do you enjoy most about your job? I have always loved art and I have a strong desire to pass on the joy of creating art to others. Every year, students continue to inspire me in their art work and photography! They make the most amazing things!  And getting to spend someone else’s money on really cool art supplies doesn’t hurt either!

What extra-curricular activities are you involved with: Track and field coach, Yearbook coordinator, Undergrad coordinator, Art club

What goals do you have for our students? I want our students to never doubt their creativity. Everyone has a spark hidden somewhere.

What life lessons do you hope to convey to our students? Art is healing. Speaking from personal experience, many mental ailments and stress can be soothed simply through picking up a paintbrush, colouring in a colouring book, or listening to your favourite music.

What is the best lesson you’ve learned from students? Go with the flow. Sometimes art doesn’t go as planned and classes will take shapes of their own, thanks to the energy, creativity, and differing opinions of the students. I believe that is the way it should be, and being in that kind of environment has taught me how to be more flexible and relinquish control for the sake of art.

Also, I learned from a student you can make an adirondack chair from skateboard decks.

What were you like in high school? I was very quiet and shy, studious and very anxious. Because I was tall, teachers would automatically sign me up for sports teams; unfortunately, anxiety and fear kept me from playing!

What do you like to do in your spare time? I love camping and fishing. I love spending time with my husband, Darryl, and our five children. Spare time is spent either going to the gym, baking, or reading a book.

Who are the most important people in your life?  Darryl, my best friend and husband of 21 years, my 4 sons – Nicolas, Jacob, twins Lincoln and Sebastian, and my only daughter – Georgia.

A little tidbit of information about Mrs. Griffin:

My family and I have travelled, pulling a trailer across the country twice, camping from Kelowna to Newfoundland and back again. It was the best experience of our family’s life! I am all about making memories…